Leading Success Coach & Millionaire Mentor

“I’m always excited to meet people who are looking for extraordinary achievement or are curious to find out what is really possible in life.  If you are ready to discover how you really can create THE most amazing life or you are curious to find out what is possible then I will show you how you really can DO anything you want to DO in your life, HAVE anything you want to HAVE and BE anything you want to BE in your life.” – Michelle Rhodes

Applications for 2019 Best Year Mastermind open until 25 January 2019.

Michelle Rhodes in the news

  • Leading Success Coach & Millionaire Mentoring
  • Empowering You

    Michelle’s total dedication to empowering others instantly radiates across her entire audience in a way that reaches the depth of your soul so that your own empowerment is instantly awakened.

    Instant Motivation

    Combining her extensive skills and experience Michelle presents at both conscious and unconscious levels so that you experience the highest levels of motivation. Understanding what your motivation is and how to access it gives you that instant drive and energy to achieve success.

    Elegant Inspiration

    Powerful & engaging, Michelle elegantly inspires you by sharing key insights for extreme achievement together with high impact transformational techniques.

    Lasting Change

    Michelle’s Coaching and Mentoring creates significant, lasting change.

  • Innovative Coaching for Ultimate Success
  • Unique Personality

    Capitalising on your unique personality preferences, Michelle designs your coaching strategies to suit you individually which makes it much easier and more effective to achieve your desired results.

    Eliminate Limitations

    Your Coaching is designed to empower you by eliminating limitations that have prevented you from achieving anything in the past, and setting you free to achieve your absolute best possible outcomes.

    Maximum Motivation

    The results you get will be quicker, easier and more effective as Michelle draws on a vast range of advanced techniques carefully selected for you to maximise your motivation.


    Giving you Ultimate Transformational Change.

  • World Class Inspirational Training
  • Phenomenal

    If you have not yet trained with Michelle Rhodes, you haven’t had that incredible experience of Phenomenal Transformation coupled with the endless desire for more – Michelle’s love and elegant expertise as a trainer makes learning contagious!

    Optimum Results

    Delivering the latest methodologies with Michelle delivers the latest methodologies and scientifically proven techniques in her own inimitable style for optimum results.

    Accelerated Learning

    The expertise in design of Michelle’s courses means that learning is
    Accelerated and lasting with the perfect combination of theory and practise.

    Certified Training

    Certified NLP, Hypnotherapy and Short courses. Bespoke Elite Training.