World Record NLP 56 hour Schedule

Friday 12th June 2015 – Day 1


The next 3 days

NLP overview – what it is and how it can dramatically change your life.

How the Mind Processes

The Conscious and The Unconscious Mind.

The NLP Communication Model.

Our Unconscious Filter System.

A Physiology of Excellence.

The Learning State.

Taking control of Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours.

Reality vs. Perception

How do we know what is real?

How any two people have such a different perspective of the exact same event.

It is often said you can’t change the past …

What and who can we really change?

Internal Representations

How we create a representation of our world.

How others create a representation of their world.

Your world or mine?! ‘Dancing’ between them.

How to step into someone else’s world.

NLP Themes

Cause & Effect.

Perception is Projection.

Focus of Attention.

Processing Negatives.

The Magic of Metaphor

When, how and why to use metaphor.

The Secret to Setting goals you will Achieve - Part 1

Why you need more than just a ‘SMART’ or ‘PACER’ goal.

The impact of Multi-sensory goals.

Presuppositions of NLP

An essential foundation of NLP is the presuppositions or assumptions that enable us to get the best results in life.

Reading People

How to really read people rather than ‘mind-reading’.

Avoiding the pitfalls of traditional body language interpretations.

Building Rapport and Relationships Quickly & Effectively

Natural rapport vs. purposeful rapport

How to artfully create and build rapport

The impact of rapport on developing relationships.

The importance of rapport for handling differences & conflict.

Look in to my Eyes!

The discovery behind what someone’s eyes really reveal.

Demonstration – reading processing through the eyes.

The Programming of Your Mind

We encode information at the unconscious level.

How to change your code.

Demonstration – The easy way to STOP.

Limitations - what really stops you from Achieving

The cause of self sabotage.

What a limiting belief is, and how to transform it into a positive empowering belief.

Make sure you have the right belief to banish!

What really prevents you from:

DOING what you want to DO in Life

BEING what / who you want to BE in Life

HAVING what you want to HAVE in Life.

Demonstration – eliciting and eliminating a limiting belief

The Secret to Setting Goals you will Achieve - Part 2

Mood Board? Larger than Life? Or learn what really makes a difference to your unconscious ensuring you achieve your goals.

Barriers vs. Boundaries and Negative Emotions

What to do when you’ve been wronged / hurt / betrayed

Do barriers really protect you or cause more pain?

What happens when you Let Go of Negative Emotions from the Past?

Demonstration – Releasing Negative Emotions of:

Anger, Sadness, Fear and Guilt

How Anxiety is different and how to eliminate it.

Habits - Quick Change

When is a habit not just a habit?

What causes minor unwanted habits and how to get rid of them.

Identifying habits that need more in depth change (eliminating these will be covered and demonstrated in a later section).

Demonstration – Replacing an unwanted habit with a positive behaviour.

Change Your State - Part 1

Instantly Access any Resourceful States

Basic anchoring to access any state you want to whenever you want to.

Stacking – the power of combining resourceful states for instant access.

Demonstration – accessing a resourceful state and transferring it for your use.

Perceptual Positions - How do They See It?

How objective are you really?

Gain in depth insights into how another person creates the perception about a situation where you really struggle to understand them. Very enlightening.

Demonstration – perceptual positions, take a walk in their shoes.

Saturday 13th June 2015 – Day 2

Effective Communications Part 1 - Reading Between the (written and spoke) Lines

Linguistic Presuppositions.

Learn how to detect what is really being said in someone’s words.

How to use presuppositions to get the results you want.

Effective Communications Part 2 - Why not why? Asking the Right Questions

Where it takes us in our unconscious processing when we ask why.

How, where and when the how, what when and who questions get to solutions!

The easy trick to knowing what to ask.

Avoiding the issue.

Demonstration – Getting to the root cause of a problem.

Effective Communications Part 3 - The Extensive Power of Hypnotic Language

The work of Dr Milton Erickson – World Renowned Hypnotherapist.

How hypnotic language can be used in everyday conversation.

How to be artfully vague for maximising results.

Demonstration – effective use of hypnotic language.

Negotiating Effectively

Directionalising your language for elegant and effective negotiations.

Essential questions for the tip of your tongue.

Changing Your State - Part 2

Utilising your resourceful states to overcome minor unwanted states and behaviours.

Demonstration – overcoming an unwanted state or behaviour.

Changing Your State - Part 3

Designing a series of states for the unconscious to automatically access to get out of stuck states such as:

Procrastination, Overwhelm, Confusion, Defeat

to move you into taking action.

Demonstration – transforming procrastination into motivation.

Discreetly Evoking States - Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

How we trigger responses in people unintentionally and the negative consequences.

How to undo the damage to create positive responses.

How to artfully evoke certain states in others.


The significance of our values in all areas of life.

How values provide motivation and judgement.

What happens when our values are not respected or not met.

The essential 5 steps in values elicitation.

Demonstration – Full 5 step values elicitation.

Changing Values in Your Values Hierarchy

Understand how your values hierarchy impacts your life.

Changing values in the most effective way that creates totally positive outcomes.

Words that Change Minds

Language patterns to turn negatives into positives.

Changing Another Persons State Linguistically.

Spatial and temporal language to create change.

Cartesian Logic – the decision maker.

Moving from the impossibility to possibility with language.

The Secret to Setting Goals that you will Achieve - Part 3

Amplify motivation for you goals.

Secondary Gain. What is it and how it stops us from making positive

If I stop, I just do something else that is also bad

Why do some habits and behaviours seem impossible to stop?

Is one person can stop ‘cold turkey’, why can’t we all?

How to use the vast storeroom of resources from the unconscious mind to unlock the answer you need.

State Walking

Tap into other people’s qualities and resourcefulness.

The best of everything rolled into one accessible anchor.

Demonstration – State Walking.

New Code NLP - Stop Thinking and Come to Your Senses

How to ‘switch off’ your unconscious filters to access the ‘Know Nothing’ state where you can actually access anything and everything.

Demonstration – The Alphabet game.

Prime Concerns and Your Identity

The forces that both drive and limit us.

The impact of how you identify yourself.

Demonstration – de-identification process.

NLP Change Your Personal History

How you can actually change your past.

Demonstration – change personal history.


Popular misconceptions.

What hypnosis really is and how it benefits you.

Demonstration – an hypnotic trance session for therapeutic change.

Sunday 14th June 2015 – Day 3

Resolving Internal Conflict

You know you have internal conflict when you feel like you are being pulled in two opposite directions or being torn apart.

Find out how conflict occurs within and learn how this can be resolved enabling you to get back to an integrated congruent place.

Demonstration – resolving internal conflict.


Why, or more importantly, how, you do what you do (we have a strategy for every single thing we do)

Demonstration – strategy elicitation

How to identify ineffective strategies

How to create the most effective strategies for best results

Methods to install new strategies (rehearsal, chaining,

Demonstration – strategy installation

Demonstration – strategy utilisation

Personality Preferences / Individual Differences

Insights into how each of our personality preferences makes us process the world in different ways – this highlights how people can be so similar and so different.

Discover the impact of understanding the individual personality preferences and how they impact relationships in all areas of your life.

How to accommodate individual differences for maximum motivation.

The implications of Individual Differences on Relationships.

Demonstration – Eliciting & Utilising Individual Personality Preferences.

Banishing Fears, Phobias and Trauma

The importance of dissociative techniques.

The quickest and easiest way to banish phobias without having to be subjected to the object of the phobia.

What is different when we eliminate traumatic memories.

Demonstration – Fast phobia Model to banish a phobia.

Demonstration – trauma Model to banish a traumatic memory.

NLP in Sales

Essential NLP for making selling enjoyable, easy and effective.

Utilising sales strategies

NLP in Presentations

Accessing & Managing your presenter state and evoking states in your audience.

Group Rapport and appealing to everyone.

Handling questions, objections & timing.

Arranging content in the best order and sequence for maximum engagement.

Other methods of engagement.