Optimum Wealth Achievement

If you are interested in creating and managing wealth then you are going to REALLY like this.

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Originally developed for our Diamond Elite Coaching Members, our Optimum Wealth Achievement Ltd (OWAL) wealth creation has been received so well and proved so popular that we are opening it up to all OPAL delegates and their trusted contacts.

Many people are too busy working for a living to have time to think about accumulating and seriously looking after their wealth. If and when they do, it’s quite a minefield out there. So, we’ve created OWAL to give you some fantastic hints, tips and exciting wealth strategies with various options to suit you personally.

The beauty of OWAL is that is suitable for everyone at all stages of life, whether you:

  • are very wealthy or are financially challenged
  • have been working for many years or have only just started working
  • are currently in between jobs or don’t need to work
  • are self employed or are a business owner
  • are retired with or without extra pension
  • are single and have an income
  • are married and have 1 or 2 incomes
  • are about to start a family so reducing your income
  • wonder whether you’ll ever be able to afford to retire
  • are divorced and receive maintenance
  • have a lump sum and not sure what to do with it
  • have money sat in a bank account earning very poor interest
  • would like to earn passive income but don’t know where to start
  • have considered investing in property or similar but have reservations
  • are fed up with working so hard yet still not building up wealth
  • have lost money on investments or during the recession
  • are just curious about becoming wealthier

and the list goes on! (The list includes examples, and intends only to show that all scenarios are appropriate to benefit from what OWAL are offering).


cash Have you ever wanted to …

Be free from financial worries?
Be able to buy more of the things you want?
Have an easy way of creating wealth?



So, would you like to …

Be Wealthy?
Have Financial Stability
Enjoy Financial Freedom?
Work because you want to rather than have to?

aston Well, what if you could …

Make money whilst you sleep?
Make money whilst you are out with friends?
Or even make money whilst you lie on a beach?!


Full Circle – Money Market Dealer to Financial Advisor to Wealth Mentor

I started my career in the City of London where I enjoyed many years working in the Banking World as a Money Market Dealer – it was fast, furious, a lot of fun, and incredibly insightful. I later became a Financial Advisor which I have to admit I found a little dull! Then after having my children, I set up my own business – training, coaching and mentoring people and businesses to achieve personal and professional excellence far beyond usual expectation.

Now, the focus is back on creating wealth, financial stability and mentoring people to financial freedom.

How can I teach this and know that it works for sure?

I have done further extensive research into the millionaire mindset, billionaire beliefs, and significant research into what ALL (yes ALL) the wealthiest people KNOW to be the best ways to get wealthy.

On top of that, I have dedicated a considerable amount of time and money into building relationships with and learning the wealth strategies of some of the top performers in wealth creation and management which I have packaged ready to share.

And I have an incredible solicitor and accountant on the team to ensure success every step of the way.

‘They’ say “money can’t buy you happiness” BUT …

I have personally known significant wealth and financial freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and I have personally known financial hardship and living hand-to-mouth fighting the wolves from my door. I have also witnessed the negative consequences of financial hardship and seen the impact of both extremes with many, many clients and so I know this to be absolutely true…

It is significantly easier to be happier and healthier when you are wealthy and free from financial constraints and worries.
(Medical research shows financial worries are detrimental to health).

balanceBalance …

The combination of my extensive experience in personal, professional and business development, coupled with my proven wealth strategies from the top wealth creators and developed further, create the optimum strategies for a balanced life.

Our next introduction events are now being offered on the following dates:

Thursday 15th May 7pm – 9pm
Saturday 17th May 11am – 1pm or 2pm – 4pm

Venue: The event will be held at the Village, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough
GU14 7BF

Tickets: You must bring your ticket with you to attend this event.

Places are strictly limited to our introduction events which last for 2 hours and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. We will be available for 45 minutes afterwards for more in-depth questions and to handle memberships.