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Next: Saturday 12th – Friday 18th March 2016
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Length: 7 Days Certified: Yes

The OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification training is an intensive 7 day certified NLP training course that teaches a powerful set of techniques and philosophies that enable you to eliminate negativity from the past, and developing new strategies and methods that allow you to take control of your life in every aspect, and create the life you really want. The course includes: goal setting, establishing rapport, developing states of excellence, changing behaviours, increasing choices, effective language, meta model, pacing and leading, modelling, representation systems, anchoring, strategies, reframing, state management, submodalities, parts integration, TimeLine Release and hypnotherapy.

Why attend our 7-day OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course?

Some of the benefits you gain from attending the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course will be learning how to:

  • Take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • Change your state of mind.
  • Transform any aspect of your life that you are less than totally satisfied with.
  • Discover what prevents you from achieving your desired results.
  • Understand how differently individuals perceive reality and how to get the best results from the individual differences.
  • Release negative emotions and limitations.
  • Communicate more effectively and at a deeper level.

The 7-day OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course is designed for people who want to learn thoroughly yet rapidly using accelerated learning techniques. Whatever it is you really want in life can be yours once you have the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification skills and NLP techniques.

What will I learn on the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course?

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[expand title=”The History and Foundations of NLP”]


  • NLP presuppositions which essentially constitute the attitudes believed and adopted by those who are most successful in achieving exactly what they want in their lives.
  • Essential elements in goal setting that make them achievable.
  • NLP practitioner themes that transform your thinking and results.
  • The NLP communication model.


[expand title=”NLP Rapport”]

  • Instantly build rapport with people at all levels face-to-face, on the phone, or in a group.
  • Accelerate trust and relationship building.
  • Non-verbal communications, including body language, to identify with others and communicate at a deeper level.
  • The different ways we interpret and perceive the world at any given moment and the impact and advantages of understanding this.
  • Identify when others are in a more highly suggestible state.
  • Move a person out of a negative state and into a more positive state, even without words.
  • Gently and discreetly break rapport for those moments when you need a meeting or conversation to end!


[expand title=”NLP Internal Representation Systems”]

  • How we interpret the world through our five senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling) and why this is so significant.
  • Identify the preferred senses and internal representation system of others to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick.
  • Utilise the preferred internal representation systems of others to significantly improve rapport and communications.
  • Identify the internal representation system that you are least proficient with and how this can dramatically compromise your communications.
  • Develop your ability to switch between all internal representational systems and learn how this multiplies your skills in connecting with others.
  • Learn what can prevent someone from accessing certain internal representational systems and how to overcome this.
  • The truth about interpreting our eye movements and what it really means about our internal processing.


[expand title=”NLP Submodalities”]

  • Discover how, at the unconscious level, we ‘encode’ our feelings, beliefs, values, and behaviours and why this is important.
  • Quickly and most effectively facilitate yourself and others in creating significant, lasting change.
  • Transform negative / limiting beliefs that dramatically hinder your ability to achieve results into new positive, empowering beliefs that enable success.
  • Substitute negative behaviours with new positive behaviours at the unconscious level.
  • Set yourself free from unwanted habits and phobias by completely eliminating them in a safe, easy and comfortable way for yourself and others.
  • Develop the masterful art of conversational change in others using submodalities.
  • You even learn the ridiculously easy NLP way to stop someone eating a favourite (unwanted) food and substitute it for a preferred healthier food!


[expand title=”NLP Anchoring”]

  • Discover what NLP anchoring is, and how you can use this technique to instantly tap into your most empowering states whenever you choose.
  • Intensify the results you obtain from the NLP anchoring process by stacking anchors for maximum effectiveness.
  • Using NLP anchoring to completely eliminate negative or limiting states and feelings or behaviours.
  • Discover how to move out of a disempowering ‘stuck’ state to a more useful empowering state. E.g. from procrastination to motivation.
  • The critical keys of anchoring to get magnificent results every time.
  • Discover how you can learn to tap into positive states that you haven’t even experienced for yourself…yet.
  • Learn how to ‘install’ your own powerful NLP anchor that you can continually develop and tap into whenever you need or want to.


[expand title=”NLP Strategies”]

  • Understand the unconscious processes we use to achieve any result (we all have our own strategy for every single thing that we do), and the significance of this.
  • How to elicit the exact syntax and sequence of processes we go through to achieve all our outcomes so that change is effective and lasting.
  • Discover the quick and easy way of using NLP to elicit strategies for those instances when immediate results are wanted.
  • How to utilise a person’s strategy to their best advantage and help them achieve what they want – particularly useful for helping others make decisions!
  • Learn how an ineffective strategy causes people to get stuck and the NLP anchoring technique to resolve it.
  • Learn the NLP technique to change your unproductive or negative strategies into new empowering and effectively designed strategies.
  • Discover all the factors you need to be able to recognise to make the most effective use and change in the process of strategies.


[expand title=”NLP Language Patterns”]

  • Discover the unique NLP insights into the patterns and meanings of the spoken word.
  • Understand what another person is really communicating with you so that you can dramatically reduce misunderstandings or miscommunications.
  • Communicate with greater finesse and express yourself most effectively whilst achieving the communication you want.
  • Utilising NLP linguistics as an art to influence others, elegantly create acceptance and courteously overcome objections.
  • Learn NLP language patterns to assist others in moving negative thoughts into positive ones and change their mind, conversationally.
  • Discover the NLP ways to really get your message across and maximise your ability to bypass resistance.
  • Learn the NLP questions to ask to gather the relevant information in any situation to get to the core of issues and therefore gain the best results.
  • Discover how to use NLP patterns to make suggestions directly to the unconscious mind.


[expand title=”NLP Conflict Resolution (Parts Integration)”]

  • How to detect internal conflict.
  • Identify the extent of internal conflict so that resolution is possible.
  • Breaking down the boundaries on the conflict and how to manage the process most elegantly and effectively, preparing for resolution.
  • Discover what is needed for the conflict to be resolved so that the person is free to achieve their positive intentions.
  • Facilitate conflict resolution in a way that the person understands the results they will get and the impact it will have on their decisions in life.
  • Overcome resistance in resolving conflict.
  • How to ensure the conflict is fully resolved.


[expand title=”NLP Compelling Goal Setting”]

  • Discover the real keys to setting achievable goals.
  • Learn the NLP elements to determine what is needed in order for the goals to be achieved.
  • Learn what is really important regarding the power of positive thinking.
  • Making each goal truly compelling and real so that the unconscious mind can support achieving the goal without any internal conflict or resistance.
  • Ensure each goal is totally appropriate and positive in all areas of life.
  • Learn the best way to ensure how the goal setter will know they are achieving and have achieved their goal.


[expand title=”TimeLine Release©”]

    The OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification training includes learning TimeLine Release© which forms an integral part of you NLP Practitioner certification because it utilises NLP anchoring and NLP language patterns, as well as sensory acuity and analogical marking. In reality, all the NLP Practitioner material you will learn is essential for successful completion of the TimeLine Release© segment of this training.

  • Learn how we store events in our lives in our unconscious mind in our TimeLines, what the TimeLine really is, and how to identify your own and others TimeLines.
  • Discover how variations in your TimeLine are linked to personality traits and how to utilise these differences for the most positive effect.
  • Discover how to find the root cause of a problem without even having to get into the content!!
  • Learn how to release negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, guilt quickly and easily without having to ‘re-live’ those emotions.
  • Understand how, using TimeLine, negative emotions can be completely let go of and how this impacts our past, present and future.
  • Discover how to ensure you and your client stay in a good, positive state, staying completely out of any traumatic memories from the past throughout the entire process.
  • Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs using TimeLine that have prevented you from having the life you want – e.g. “I’m not worthy, I am a failure, I’m unlovable”.


[expand title=”Hypnotherapy (optional)”]

    The OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification training includes the option to complete the additional Hypnotherapy certification. All the NLP Practitioner material you will learn is essential for successful completion of the optional Hypnotherapy segment of this training.

  • Discover the different styles of hypnosis and the truth about hypnotherapy to eliminate popular misconceptions that have originated from stage hypnosis!
  • Discover what a hypnotic trance really is, and how to tap into the power and infinite resources of the unconscious mind during hypnosis.
  • Learn what information to provide beforehand, how to induce a hypnotic trance, and how to recognise the physiological signs of that hypnotic trance.
  • Ensure safe, healthy, positive and enjoyable hypnotic trance sessions every time for therapeutic gain.
  • Comfortably and easily deepen the level of trance and ensure your client comes safely and comfortably back out of trance.
  • What is essential to include and how to structure hypnotic sessions to gain maximum results.
  • Learn the cause of any resistance to trance and how to bypass it.


How can I become a Certified NLP Practitioner in just 7 days?

You will receive an OPAL NLP Practitioner training pre-study pack:

  • Provides you with the NLP Practitioner content you need to familiarise yourself with before attending the course.
  • Contains approximately 50 hours of specially recorded NLP Practitioner material (depending on any previous knowledge you may have), which you can do at your own convenience.
  • Your OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training manual to assist with your pre-study and to be used during the NLP Practitioner course.
  • Your NLP Practitioner question paper which you can complete as you listen to the CDs and refer to the manual.

When you attend the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course, your NLP trainer, Michelle Rhodes, will cover each segment of the NLP Practitioner course content in an easy to follow format transforming your familiarity with the content into a good understanding. You then watch a live demonstration of the NLP techniques which prepares you to practice what you have learnt with guidance from Michelle and her team of qualified NLP Practitioner assistants. This is followed by an open questions and answers session to ensure you understand and are confident in each of the NLP techniques.

We take a maximum of 18 delegates on our OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course to ensure that all delegates get what they need to learn NLP to be a confident and competent NLP Practitioner by the end of the 7 day Rapid NLP Practitioner training course.

How is the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course structured?

OPAL NLP Training courses are designed to accommodate all individual learning styles and will therefore include: lecture, discussion, manual, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback and questions and answers. The OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course has been designed in layers from foundation to completion to ensure maximum learning is achieved during the training.

What our students are saying about the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course

“Excellent doesn’t really do it justice! Well structured for learning – excellent balance between theory and practice. Michelle Rhodes is an excellent role model. As an excellent trainer, Michelle epitomises the essence of NLP and what it can do for people”

– Ben Houghton

“I’m lost for words! A truly liberating experience. Michelle Rhodes is not only top class at NLP, she is a fantastic trainer who absolutely wants you to succeed”

– Elaine Sinclair

“Very impressed. I thought Michelle Rhodes was exceptional – ‘delivered by being’. Insights on this course were of paradigm shift status. If you want to take your personal and business life to a new level whilst powerfully impacting those close to you, go to OPAL.”

– Matt Turnbull

What if I attend the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course?

Upon successful completion of the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course you will be eligible to gain:

• Certified NLP Practitioner status.
• Certified in TimeLine Release© status.
• And (subject to attendance), Certified Hypnotherapist status.
Certification is only awarded upon successful completion of the NLP Practitioner written question paper, full attendance of the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course, and successful completion of the entire OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course, and successful completion and achievement of the appropriate result from all NLP Practitioner exercises.

You will then be certified and able to work with clients as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist. Guidelines for areas you are qualified to work within are presented with your certificates at the end of your NLP training course, along with recommendations for clinical supervision and further NLP training.

Imagine how different your life will be when you have completed this OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course with all these new empowering skills. What kind of difference will it make to your life when you are able to:
Instantly build rapport, develop and maintain relationships, instantly access your most resourceful states, know exactly how to get your message across, communicate most effectively, understand other’s behaviours, identify and utilise strategies, influence ethically, eliminate limiting beliefs, release negative emotions, resolve inner conflict, define and achieve your outcome, and create remarkable transformations in your life.

Where is the OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course held?

All our training courses are held in a selection of specially selected venues that are highly conducive to learning with as much natural light in the room as possible, and with outside space for your enjoyment during breaks if you wish. We also provide a hot buffet lunch.
We currently run courses in Surrey England, Isle of Man, and Sarasota Florida. Please check the location that relates to your chosen booking date. Full venue details are confirmed upon booking to ensure each delegate is in the right place at the right time.
Overnight accommodation is available and price varies according to venue. Full details of accommodation costs are available at time of booking.

NLP Training Course Fee - NLP Practitioner Certification

Full Price:
£2,695.00 + VAT (£3,234.00)
30 Day EBP: £2,200.00 + VAT (£2,640.00) 60 Day EBP: £2,000.00 + VAT (£2,400.00) Multiple booking discounts for NLP Practitioner

EBP: Early Booking Price for OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner training course
EBP’s are available when payment is made in full 30 or 60 days prior to course start date.
Certification cost of £40 + VAT (£48) is included in the NLP Practitioner training course price in line with our terms and conditions for all our Certified NLP training courses.



“DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT! Learned more in a week than I could ever have imagined”

- Jim Stubbs

“You made a promise to me in your literature that this training would change my life. You kept that promise in more ways than I could possibly believe.”

- Stephen Jenkins

“One thing that is undeniable is that your life will be different in just 7 days!”

- Rob Burr

“OPAL NLP training course will give you more benefits than you can imagine – in every area of your life. Really enjoyable and transformational week”

- Craig Killick

“Excellent training at the right pace throughout. Response to queries was great. Long days handled well. Amazing. Fantastic experience – I would recommend OPAL NLP Practitioner to anyone. It has been one of the best weeks ever and have drastically improved communication, confidence and rapport skills.”

- Dave Laramy