NLP Master Practitioner

Next: Sat 7th – Fri 13th May 2016
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Length: 14 Days
(2 x 7 Days)
Certified: Yes

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

The OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Certification is an intensive 14 day certified NLP training course for holders of the NLP practitioner certification. The NLP Master Practitioner course includes advanced linguistics, values and beliefs, metaprograms, advanced submodalities, advanced strategies, modelling, presentation techniques, group rapport, advanced NLP techniques, transitional personal development, advanced TimeLine Release© and advanced hypnosis.

Why attend our 14-day Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Training Certification?

Some of the benefits you gain from attending the OPAL Rapid NLP training for Master practitioner certification will be learning how to:

  • Master creating the life you want.
  • Gain greater depth of understanding of how the mind works.
  • Model excellence.
  • Understand individual differences / personality preferences.
  • Create significant change working with the deepest levels of the mind.
  • Elegantly master conversational change.
  • Structure sessions and select best techniques for lasting results.

The 14-day OPAL Rapid NLP training course for Master Practitioner Certification is designed for those who are already certified at NLP Practitioner level and wish to take their skills and abilities to a significantly higher level. If you want to take a quantum leap in your personal development and master your ability to transform lives this is the right course for you.

What will I learn on the OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Training Course?

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[expand title=”Quantum linguistics”]

  • Directionalise your language and use the appropriate level of abstraction to elegantly lead a conversation.
  • Learn what people are really saying, the meaning behind their words.
  • How to ask questions that will get to the root of a problem.
  • Discover temporal and spatial language and how to use it to change someone’s perspective.
  • Learn how to make suggestions directly to the unconscious mind.
  • How to take a problem through to a solution.
  • Use Sleight of Mouth patterns to subtly alter the meaning of a conversation and assist others in making positive changes.

[expand title=”Meta-Programs”]

  • Elicit an individual’s complex internal processes and filters of the mind that form the basis of personality.
  • Determine behaviours that each of the preferences will naturally produce.
  • How to significantly increase motivation in self and others based on their Meta-Program preferences.
  • Develop your flexibility in understanding and accommodating preferences that are opposite to your own.
  • Suitability of preferences in work / business roles and relationships.
  • How to prevent problems by being creative in fulfilling the needs of the preferences.
  • Understand the impact of the extreme differences and how to make the best of them in all areas of life.

[expand title=”Values”]

  • Understand the significant importance of knowing our values and what they allow us to achieve and prevent us from achieving.
  • Complete a full values elicitation and understand why it is essential to elicit values from all levels to ensure ethical results.
  • How to determine what current values really are and the power of making changes to values.
  • Identifying what it is about our top values that motivates us, and learning whether this motivation is creating or preventing results.
  • The correct order and sequence of interventions that must be done before changing values.
  • How to change the importance of values we already have, how to eliminate detrimental values and how to install new values.
  • What happens to unfulfilled needs that are directly linked to our values.

[expand title=”Advanced Strategies”]

  • How to change unproductive strategies into empowering effective strategies.
  • The key elements needed in a new strategy to maximise effectiveness.
  • How to design a strategy that has the key elements and is triggered at precisely the right moment.
  • Designing a strategy for something you have never done before.
  • Using anchoring to install new strategies.
  • State rehearsal for installing new strategies.
  • Other methods of installing new strategies for future excellence and how to choose the right method.

[expand title=”Advanced Submodalities”]

  • How to elicit the neurological drivers that are the key to change.
  • Advanced insights into making submodalities produce exceptional results.
  • Understanding ‘thresholds’ in the unconscious and the impact they have.
  • Keys to making submodality interventions work.
  • Combining submodalities interventions with other techniques.

[expand title=”Personal Transitional Development (PTD)”]

  • Experience being an NLP Master Practitioner, for one of your fellow students, for the entire process of conducting a 5-6 hour PTD session.
  • Experience being a client for a fellow NLP Master Practitioner for a 5 hour PTD session so that you learn what it is like to be on the receiving end of the entire process and benefit from making significant breakthrough changes.
  • Discover how to structure and conduct an entire Personal Transitional Development (PTD) session at NLP Master Practitioner level.
  • Asking the right questions in business and therapy to identify the root cause of any problem areas.
  • How to select the right interventions and structure the order and sequence.
  • The essential skills to conducting an effective, enjoyable and life changing PTD session.
  • Receive feedback on how you conducted the PTD session and any areas of improvement that are needed.

[expand title=”Presentation and Sales”]

  • How to incorporate your NLP skills into your presentations and sales techniques.
  • How to structure presentations to appeal to the highest number of people.
  • Discover some of the secrets of the very best presenters, sales professionals and trainers.
  • Learn how to maintain audience interest throughout.

[expand title=”Advanced TimeLine Release”]

  • Develop your flexibility in using TimeLine techniques for releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

[expand title=”Advanced Hypnotherapy”]

  • Further induction methods including rapid induction.
  • Methods of deepening trance.
  • How to select the best techniques and how to use them in hypnotic trances.
  • Anchoring positive resources and changes in trance.
  • How to write metaphors that create therapeutic change.
  • Utilising time distortion to add impact to change.
  • Learn how to use Deep Trance Identification in hypnosis for outstanding enhanced performance and learning whilst preserving the integrity of the mind and body.
  • Discover the legendary Dr Milton Erickson’s preferred method of self hypnosis.

[expand title=”NLP Modelling – how to model excellence in others”]

  • Ways to access the optimum state for modelling excellence.
  • Criteria for a model of excellence.
  • How to install the excellence in yourself.


How can I become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner in just 14 days?

You will need to be fully certified at NLP Practitioner level before attending this NLP training course for NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

You will receive an OPAL NLP training pre-study pack:

  • Provides you with the NLP Master Practitioner content you need to familiarise yourself with before attending the course.
  • Contains approximately 30 hours of specially recorded NLP Master Practitioner material, which you can do at your own convenience.
  • Your OPAL NLP Master Practitioner manual to assist with your pre-study and to be used during the course.
  • Your NLP Master Practitioner question paper which you can complete as you listen to the CDs and refer to the manual.

When you attend the OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner course, your NLP trainer, Michelle Rhodes, will cover each segment of the course content in an easy to follow format transforming your familiarity with the content into a good understanding. You then watch a live demonstration of the NLP techniques which prepares you to practice what you have learnt with guidance from Michelle and her team of qualified NLP Master Practitioner assistants. This is followed by an open questions and answers session to ensure you understand and are confident in each of the techniques.

We take a maximum of 12 delegates on our OPAL Rapid NLP training course for Master Practitioner Certification© to ensure that all delegates get what they need to learn NLP to be a confident and competent NLP Master Practitioner by the end of this 14 day Rapid NLP training course.

How is the NLP training course structured?

OPAL NLP Training courses are designed to accommodate all individual learning styles and will therefore include: lecture, discussion, manual, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback and questions and answers. The OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Certification training has been designed in layers from foundation to completion to ensure maximum learning is achieved during the training.

What our students are saying about our NLP training course

What if I attend the OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Certification course?

Upon successful completion of the OPAL Rapid NLP training course for Master Practitioner certification you will be eligible to gain:

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner status.
  • Certified TimeLine Release© Master Practitioner status.
  • *Certified Master Hypnotherapist status.
  • NLP Modelling certificate.

Certification is only awarded upon successful completion of the written question paper, full attendance of the entire training course, and successful achievement of the appropriate result from all exercises.

* Certified Master Hypnotherapist is only available to those who also completed the optional Hypnotherapy Certification at Practitioner level. (A conversion course is available).

You will then be certified and able to work with clients as an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist. Guidelines for areas you are qualified to work within are presented with your certificates, along with recommendations for clinical supervision and options for further NLP training and Hypnotherapy training to expand the areas within which you are qualified to work.

Where is the OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner training course held?

All our training courses are held in a selection of specially selected venues that are highly conducive to learning with as much natural light in the room as possible, and with outside space for your enjoyment during breaks if you wish. We also provide a hot buffet lunch.
We currently run these courses in Surrey, England. Please check the location that relates to your chosen booking date. Full venue details are confirmed upon booking to ensure each delegate is in the right place at the right time.
Overnight accommodation is available and price varies according to venue. Full details of accommodation costs are available at time of booking.

NLP Training Course Fee - NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Full Price:
£2,895.00 + VAT (£3,474.00)
30 Day EBP: £2450.00 + VAT (£2940.00) 60 Day EBP: £2,200.00 + VAT (£2,640.00) Multiple booking discounts for NLP Master Practitioner

EBP: Early Booking Price for NLP Training courses – NLP Master Practitioner Certification
EBP’s are available when payment is made in full 30 or 60 days prior to course start date.
Certification cost of £40 + VAT (£48) is included in NLP Master Practitioner Training course price in line with our terms and conditions for Certified NLP training courses.



“Excellent. A wonderful experience. I have enjoyed it all and would thoroughly recommend OPAL NLP Practitioner training to anyone. The trainer Michelle Rhodes and her assistants were all wonderful!”

- Louise Campbell

“What an amazing, enlightening experience. It’s all been absolutely brilliant. 7 days have gone so quick! This OPAL course has far exceeded my expectations and has opened so many doors for me. The opportunities are endless now. Thank you very much.”

- Jane Baggott

“Anyone who feels stuck in a rut in whatever aspect of their life should do Michelle’s NLP Practitioner course. It works! Michelle Rhodes is a very patient, tolerant and lovely lady.”

- Jo Potter

“Wow! I was gob-smacked at the start of day one and have become more and more so as the weeks progressed. Probably one of the most important weeks of my life.”

- Andy Pask

“Excellent – I feel like a changed person!”

- Claire Dobinson