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Presentations Training

The OPAL Inspirational Presentations training is for those who wish to learn the secrets of some of the very best speakers and presenters. Includes NLP techniques to captivate your audience, using individual learning styles, fulfilling your objectives and maintaining audience interest throughout.

Why attend the OPAL Inspirational Presentations course?

Some of the benefits you gain from attending the OPAL Inspirational Presentations course:

  • Increase your confidence in your ability to present.
  • Deliver your message with impact.
  • Structure your presentation to appeal to a larger audience.
  • Design the content of your presentation in a way that your audience can relate to.
  • Take command of the stage.

The 3 day OPAL Inspirational Presentations course is designed for people who want to learn thoroughly yet rapidly using accelerated learning techniques.

What will I learn on the OPAL Inspirational Presentations course?

  • Discover how to captivate your audience, maintain their interest throughout and instantly change their state.
  • Understand how to accommodate individual learning styles.
  • Learn how to use your physiology and gestures to add impact to your communications.
  • Discover how to put energy into your presentations and into your audience!
  • How to handle hecklers.
  • How to choose words and use advanced NLP language patterns to get your message across clearly and to how to make suggestions directly to the unconscious mind.
  • Eliminate and fears and limiting beliefs you have about your ability to present.
  • Develop the ability to communicate using metaphor to get your message across and have fun doing it too.

How is the course structured?

OPAL Presentations Training courses are designed to accommodate all individual learning styles and will therefore include: lecture, discussion, manual, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback and questions and answers. The OPAL Inspirational Presenations training has been designed in layers from foundation to completion to ensure maximum learning is achieved during the training.

Is it possible to have this as an in-house training course?

Yes, OPAL open training courses are available for delivery in house. We also design bespoke courses to accommodate individual business.

What our students are saying about the course

What if I attend the OPAL Inspirational Presentations course?

Imagine how you will feel going to your next presentation having the skills and secrets of some of the very best presenters. You will have the distinct advantage of knowing how to captivate your audience and how to use unconscious communications to enhance your presentation, strengthen your message and create a lasting impression.

Course Fee

Full Price: £695.00 + VAT (£834.00) 30 Day EBP: £575.00 + VAT (£690.00) 60 Day EBP: £495.00 + VAT (£594.00) Multiple booking discounts for NLP courses

EBP: Early Booking Price
EBP’s are available when payment is made in full 30 or 60 days prior to course start date.