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Sales Training

The OPAL Influential Sales training is for those who wish to learn the secrets of some of the very best sales people. Includes NLP techniques to identify ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘when’ your client will buy your product and service, enabling you to close the sale effectively and seamlessly.

Why attend the OPAL Influential Sales course?

Some of the benefits you gain from attending the OPAL Influential Sales course:

  • Increase your confidence in your ability to make sales.
  • Gain your customers trust.
  • Forget the cheesy closing lines that turn clients off!
  • Dramatically improve your communication skills.
  • Design your sales pitch in a way that suits your customers unique personality.
  • Get to know the real value in what you are offering your customers and how to communicate that to them.
  • Become a master at discovering true objections and how to overcome them.

The 3 day OPAL Influential Sales course is designed for people who want to learn thoroughly yet rapidly using accelerated learning techniques.

What will I learn on the OPAL Influential Sales course?

Discover a unique insight into the seven essential elements of influential selling.

  • Discover how you can instantly access your most resourceful state so that selling is easy and natural.
  • Learn how to develop rapport through the use of linguistics, body language, and physiology so that your customers identify with you at the unconscious level.
  • Understand the power of choosing the right type of questions and how to structure them to find out what your customers really want whilst also bypassing resistance.
  • Discover how to determine the value of your product or service to your customer enabling you to demonstrate the value they will be getting.
  • Learn subtle techniques to link your product or services as the solution to their requirement enabling you to effortlessly close more sales.
  • Discover how to identify what your customer objections really are and how to overcome them.
  • Learn how to understand the unique buying strategy of each individual customer to make selling easy.
  • Discover how to capitalise on identifying personality preferences to present your products and services to match your customer.

How is the Influential Sales course structured?

OPAL Sales Training courses are designed to accommodate all individual learning styles and will therefore include: lecture, discussion, manual, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback and questions and answers. The OPAL Influential Sales training has been designed in layers from foundation to completion to ensure maximum learning is achieved during the training.

Is it possible to have this Influential Sales course as an in-house training?

Yes, OPAL open training courses are available for delivery in house. We also design bespoke courses to accommodate individual business requirements.

What our students are saying about the course

“I just wanted to let you know that since doing the course my private income has almost doubled but for me that’s not the point – I am actually really enjoying going into work, seeing what I can get out of patients and also what I can give them too. I actually feel like I am making a difference to their mouths and don’t feel as guilty as I did before about selling private dentistry! ” – Dr Sheetal Jain BDS

What if I attend the OPAL Influential Sales course?

Imagine for a moment, what it will be like making your next sales call or visit, knowing that you have the ability to be in the most resourceful state, can instantly build rapport and know just what to say and when to say it to set up your sale confidently, easily, effortlessly and elegantly. Then consider how much more successful you will be and….how you will enjoy the rewards of your dramatically increased success.

Course Fee for Influential Sales

Full Price:
£695.00 + VAT (£834.00)
30 Day EBP:
£575.00 + VAT (£690.00)
60 Day EBP:
£495.00 + VAT (£594.00)
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