Hypnotherapy Training: Advanced Certificate

Next: Fri 9th – Sun 11th Oct 2015
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Length: 6 Days
(2 x 3 Days)
Certified: Yes

Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate

Hypnotherapy Training: Advanced CertificateThis Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course is designed for those who have successfully completed the OPAL Foundation and Intermediate Hypnotherapy certification courses, and wish to learn more in-depth hypnotherapeutic interventions to create significant change using hypnosis. A 4 day hypnotherapy training conversion course is available to meet entry requirements.

Why attend the OPAL Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate Training course?

Some of the benefits you gain from attending the OPAL Advanced Hypnotherapy Training course will be learning how to:

  • Increase your flexibility to be able to induce an hypnotic trance in a way that is best suited to the individual client.
  • Understand the keys to creating the most effective metaphors and how to maximise the impact they have.
  • Broaden the number of client problems that you are qualified to work with using hypnosis.
  • Advance your abilities in solving problems within the hypnotic trance.
  • Explore case studies across a range of problems and gain insights into applying the best hypnotherapy techniques for certain types of problems.

The 6 day OPAL Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course is designed for people who want to learn hypnotherapy thoroughly yet rapidly using accelerated learning techniques.

What will I learn on the OPAL Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course?

  • Learn how to conduct a full initial consultation and use the OPAL problem identification matrix to create hypnotic trance scripts to reduce or remove the problem using hypnotherapy.
  • Develop further methods of hypnotic trance induction including: hypnotic confusion techniques, hypnotic eye fixation, rapid hypnotic induction, hypnotherapy metaphors, and learn how to select the most appropriate hypnosis induction for the individual client.
  • Learn how to use hypnotherapy to alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions.
  • Discover how to use hypnosis to assist your client in changing their perception of their presenting problem allowing them to access new empowering resources in trance thereby effecting significant change.
  • Learn how to use the hypnotherapy techniques of symptom transformation, symptom transference, symptom utilisation and symptom anchoring in hypnosis to enable clients to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms in trance.
  • Discover hypnotic trance phenomena and how to utilise them for hypnotherapeutic gain including: time distortion; pseudo-orientation in time; amnesia; catalepsy; post-hypnotic suggestions; analgesia; splitting & linking; displacement of cathexis; ideomotor response; hypermnesia; amnesia and hallucinations.
  • Learn the power of multiple embedded hypnotherapy metaphors, how to create them to maximise change, and how to embed them to get best results.
  • Discover the benefits of Dissociative and Desensitisation hypnotherapy techniques.
  • Hypnotherapy Case Studies including: depression, anxiety, habits, eating styles, allergies, fears and phobias, ego strengthening, performance, negative emotions and limiting beliefs with examples of methods used to get the desired results in hypnosis.

How can I gain the Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate in just 6 days?

You need to have either completed the OPAL Hypnotherapy Foundation Certification course and the OPAL Hypnotherapy Intermediate Certification course as part of the NLP Practitioner certification and NLP Master practitioner Certification course respectively, or to have successfully completed our 4 day hypnotherapy conversion course to be eligible to take this training.

When you attend the course, your certified hypnotherapy trainer, Michelle Rhodes, will cover each segment of the course content in an easy to follow format transforming your familiarity with the content into a good understanding. You then watch a live demonstration of the Hypnotherapy techniques which prepares you to practice what you have learnt with guidance from Michelle and her team of qualified assistants. This is followed by an open questions and answers session to ensure you understand and are confident in each of the hypnotherapy techniques. You will need to complete two pieces of written work between part 1 and part 2 of this hypnotherapy training course.

We take a maximum of 18 delegates on our OPAL Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course to ensure that all delegates get what they need to learn Hypnotherapy to be a confident and competent Hypnotherapist by the end of the 6 day course.

How is the OPAL Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course structured?

OPAL Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate courses are designed to accommodate all individual learning styles and will therefore include: lecture, discussion, manual, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback and questions and answers. The OPAL Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification training has been designed in layers from foundation to completion to ensure maximum learning is achieved during the training.

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What if I attend the OPAL Advanced Hypnotherapy Training course?

Upon successful completion of the OPAL Hypnotherapy Certification course you will be eligible to gain:

Certified Advanced Hypnotherapy status.

Certification is only awarded upon successful completion of the written hypnotherapy question paper, full attendance of the entire Hypnotherapy Training Advanced Certificate course, successful completion and achievement of the appropriate result from all exercises, and completion of two pieces of written work.

You will then be certified and able to work with clients as an Advanced Hypnotherapist. Guidelines for areas you are qualified to work within are presented with your certificates, along with recommendations for clinical supervision and further training.

Course Fee for Hypnotherapy Training: Advanced Certificate

Full Price:
£1,795.00 + VAT (£2,154.00)
30 Day EBP: £1,595.00 + VAT (£1,914.00) 60 Day EBP: £1,450.00 + VAT (£1,740.00) Multiple booking discounts for Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate

EBP: Early Booking Price for OPAL Hypnotherapy Training: Advanced Certificate course
EBP’s are available when payment is made in full 30 or 60 days prior to course start date.
Certification cost of £40 + VAT (£48) is included in the Hypnotherapy Training: Advanced Certificate course price in line with our terms and conditions for all our Hypnotherapy training courses.