Hypnotherapy Training Courses:

including Hypnotherapy Certificate and Hypnotherapy Diploma:

Hypnotherapy Certificate

Hypnotherapy Training coursesThis is part 3 in our series of Hypnotherapy Training courses. The Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate training course is designed for those who have completed the OPAL Intermediate Hypnotherapy Certificate and wish to learn more in-depth hypnotherapeutic interventions to create significant change using hypnosis.

Increase your flexibility to be able to induce an hypnotic trance in a way that is best suited to the individual client.
Understand the keys to creating the most effective metaphors and how to maximise the impact they have.
Broaden the number of client problems that you are qualified to work with using hypnosis.
Advance your abilities in solving problems within the hypnotic trance.
Explore case studies across a range of problems and gain insights into applying the best hypnotherapy techniques for certain types of problems.


Hypnotherapy Diploma

Hypnotherapy Training Courses
This is part 4 in our series of Hypnotherapy Training courses. The Hypnotherapy Diploma training course is designed for those who have completed the OPAL Hypnotherapy Certificate and wish to expand their knowledge to use hypnotherapy to deal with a broad range of problems including emotional trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety, phobias, confidence, insomnia, weight control, eating disorders, study / exam problems, smoking and performance enhancement as well as how to alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions.

Gain deep insights into the Mind Body connection and the benefits of using this during hypnosis.
Acknowledge the incredible power of the body’s natural healing ability and how to use that power to alleviate medical symptoms in hypnosis.
Understand how to get the unconscious mind to make changes in hypnosis that have seemed impossible in the past.
The impact of using dissociative hypnotherapy techniques to facilitate change.
The truth about time at the unconscious level and how this can be used to change perceptions, and therefore reality.


“Excellent, Amazing, Great, Life-Changing!”

- Ralph Gray

“OPAL NLP Practitioner training changes your life and your perspective on everything around you. Use it or not, you’ll never be quite the same, but better for sure.”

- Alistair Menzies-Anderson

“I came with an open mind and left with a content one. Everybody should experience this!”

- Tony Denton

“I used to run at half speed, half the time. Now I’m firing on all cylinders.”

- Mark Goodwin

“WOW!! Excellent training methods – Michelle Rhodes was efficient, knowledgeable and professional whilst maintaining informality. Michelle Rhodes has the most amazing presence and is incredibly inspiring.”

- Sara Jerrett