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Bespoke NLP Training

OPAL design and deliver bespoke NLP training courses & non-NLP training courses for private companies, large corporates, and groups of like-minded business people tailored to your individual requirements.

Your course can be designed in one of three ways:

  • A completely new industry specific course can be written for you with all material focused on your specific outcomes.
  • Any of our public open NLP training courses or short courses can be delivered just for you.
  • A course can be written from a carefully selected combination of segments from our NLP training courses and short courses or coaching packages to meet your needs.

During our initial consultation, we gather enough information from you to define your aims and objectives so that we can then present you with choices for the best possible way to achieve your outcomes.

One of the key factors in designing bespoke NLP training courses is to ensure that it is the most suitable for your individual requirements.

Benefits of Bespoke NLP Training Courses:

Cost and Time Effective:

Bespoke NLP training is charged on the NLP trainers daily rate so the cost per delegate is reduced as long as you have the minimum number of attendees. If your delegates are all in one geographical area, travel and accommodations costs can be far less as we travel to your area so this often dramatically reduces time and money spent for all your delegates.
If you cannot afford time out of the working week, or blocks of days out of a week / month, we can deliver your bespoke NLP training in the evenings or at weekends, one day a week, one day a month, or whatever times suit you.

Flexibility of delivery:

You decide when and how you want to receive your NLP training. You may already know what learning styles you have and how you want your training delivered. Some people prefer rapid intensive training to gain a lot of information and experience in using that information quickly whereas others prefer to have a more progressive intermittent build up of training. As well as the dates and frequency of your training, the length of the training segments is also flexible.

Tailored content:

Bespoke NLP training is designed with your specific aims and objectives in mind. Learning examples will all be geared to your business needs specifically and exercises will be focused on real examples that you bring to the training. We ask you to keep a record before the training of situations that previously, or currently, pose problems so that you address these during the training.

NLP Training Certification:

If you are interested in NLP certification, provided the content you would like in your NLP training course meets all our certification standards for either NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner, we can certify all attendees who meet the full requirements. Full details of requirements for certifications will be provided with the initial design brief.