NLP Training Courses & Hypnotherapy Courses: including NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, and Bespoke NLP Training:

NLP Training Courses:

NLP Practitioner

The OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification training is an intensive 7 day certified NLP training course that teaches a powerful set of techniques and philosophies that enable you to eliminate negativity from the past, and developing new strategies and methods that allow you to take control of your life in every aspect, and create the life you really want. The course includes: goal setting, establishing rapport, developing states of excellence, changing behaviours, increasing choices, effective language, meta model, pacing and leading, modelling, representation systems, anchoring, strategies, reframing, state management, submodalities, parts integration, TimeLine Release and hypnotherapy. Click the button for details.


NLP Master Practitioner

The OPAL Rapid NLP Master Practitioner Certification course is an intensive 14 day certified NLP training course for those who holders of the NLP practitioner certification. This course adds even deeper understanding of how we achieve the results we do and adds further techniques for achieving excellence. The course includes advanced linguistics, values and beliefs, metaprograms, advanced submodalities, advanced strategies, modelling, presentation techniques, group rapport, advanced NLP techniques, transitional personal development, advanced TimeLine Release© and advanced hypnosis. Click the button for details.


Bespoke NLP Training

OPAL can design and deliver complete bespoke training written specifically for your individual requirements. We can also deliver any of our open courses in their entirety as in house training, or combine segments from any of our courses that are relevant to you.

Providing great solutions with added benefits of time and cost effectiveness, flexibility of delivery, and tailored content designed specifically for you.

We can also deliver certified NLP training courses in-house, either the same as our open certified NLP training courses, or bespoke courses as long as the content you desire and criteria all meet the certification standards..


Hypnotherapy Courses:

Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate

The Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate training course is designed for those who have completed the OPAL Intermediate Hypnotherapy Certificate and wish to learn more in-depth hypnotherapeutic interventions to create significant change using hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy Diploma

Use hypnotherapy to deal with a broad range of problems including emotional trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety, phobias, confidence, insomnia, weight control, eating disorders, study / exam problems, smoking and performance enhancement as well as how to alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions.


Other NLP based training courses:

Influential Sales

Discover how to use NLP to instantly access a positive sales state. Master rapport and use a series of NLP techniques to identify ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ your client will buy your product or service, allowing you to close the sale effectively and gracefully.


Inspirational Presentations

Learn the secrets of some of the very best presenters. Use these NLP techniques to captivate your audience, accommodate individual learning styles, fulfill your objectives and maintain audience interest throughout.


“Excellent, Amazing, Great, Life-Changing!”

- Ralph Gray

“OPAL NLP Practitioner training changes your life and your perspective on everything around you. Use it or not, you’ll never be quite the same, but better for sure.”

- Alistair Menzies-Anderson

“I came with an open mind and left with a content one. Everybody should experience this!”

- Tony Denton

“I used to run at half speed, half the time. Now I’m firing on all cylinders.”

- Mark Goodwin

“WOW!! Excellent training methods – Michelle Rhodes was efficient, knowledgeable and professional whilst maintaining informality. Michelle Rhodes has the most amazing presence and is incredibly inspiring.”

- Sara Jerrett