Motivational Speaker – Michelle Rhodes

Captivating and thought provoking, when Michelle Rhodes takes the stage as a motivational speaker, whether teaching her proven methods for creating successful businesses and coaching to achieve beyond expectation, sharing key insights in how to banish limitations, or narrating her shocking earliest childhood memory, Michelle has the ability to inspire, influence and captivate her audience.

The Power of Significant Transformational Change

In 1992, following her first life crisis, Michelle discovered both the need for, and the power of, significant transformational change. This was the life changing, inspirational moment when Michelle found her purpose which provided the first step towards becoming a motivational speaker.

Philosophies for Incredible Achievement

Over the next 21 years, Michelle continued to discover transformational methods, techniques, and philosophies for incredible achievement. It is the combination of years of exploring, learning, seeking, growing, experiencing, development and her motivational speaker experience that have lead Michelle to be a leader in the field of personal development and entrepreneurialism.

Empowering Others

At the heart of Michelle’s purpose is the desire to dynamically empower others beyond possibility, and even beyond probability, to have the life they truly desire.

Possibility & Passion

Michelle shares her expertise and insights for new ways of living, of being, of possibility and achieving, of passion and success, by training, coaching & mentoring, and motivational speaker events.


Secrets of Success

Whilst Michelle understands many of the challenges businesses face, she also accredits some of her notable successes in the past to intuition and ironically, naiveté. This allowed her to recognise the importance of refusing to accept other people’s limitations and mediocre expectations, choosing instead to achieve incredible successes.

Human Behaviour & Individual Differences

As an expert in Human Behaviour and understanding Individual differences, Michelle has an admirable ability to connect with people at all levels from all walks of life, she customises her motivational speaker content, delivery style, and material to suit her audience.

Michelle’s passion and love for her work is apparent from the moment she steps on stage.

“Well structured, took on the learnings easily. Relaxed, refreshing to any other course I have ever attended, left feeling AMAZING! Michelle Rhodes will give you the tools to change your world!”

- Jo McInnes

“I highly recommend this course – You will find this OPAL course will change your life”

- David Innes

“Always know I will be learning exciting things after each break. Practical exercises on linguistics really helped them sink in.”

- Ian Duffett

“Excellent. Doing an intense course helped me to integrate the leanings easily, it was a supportive environment that gave me the confidence to experiment and take risks.”

“I implore you to attend – leave as someone else!”

- Ian Fuller