Hello family and trusted friends!

World Record

(Drum roll…) I am doing a World Record in October. (PLEASE KEEP CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT).
Rather unusual, and a big challenge.
I am doing this in part, to catch up on lost time as I was unable to work properly due to a string of traumatic events. I know many of you have had your fair share of trauma (and some have had far more than a fair share). Mine included being on the receiving end of a very sophisticated ‘government backed’ fraud that cost me dearly, and having an absolutely ghastly experience with a stalker! So the second half of this year is going to be AMAZING.


(N.B. This is NOT a request for donations.)
The World Record will raise a large sum of money for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and to make sure I raise enough to make a significant difference, I am creating (and filming) the Ultimate Success Coaching & Mentoring Programme (USCM). This is a brand new coaching programme designed to create PHENOMENAL SUCCESS for 12 VIP delegates so that their story / journey of success will form part of the finished USCM coaching and DVD product that will be launched for sale at the World Record Event (all profit will go to GOSH).


I’d be truly grateful if you could do a few things to help with this and in turn, I want to reward you.
Anyone you refer to the USCM programme WILL achieve amazing results and will definitely thank you later 🙂
Please do any or all of the following:

1. Visit my OPAL facebook page and:

  • like the page, if you haven’t already
  • like the video promoting USCM on the facebook page
  • add any (encouraging!) comment to the facebook page about the USCM progamme
  • share the video on facebook

2. Consider whether you know anyone who wants / needs to achieve something BIG in their life by October 2014 (the final achievement can be after October as long as there are measurable and achievable results for inclusion in the DVD) and refer them to:

3. If you are on twitter, please follow me and retweet the post about the USCM (I’m new to it so will be adding a lot over the next week).

4. Visit the YouTube video page: USCM on YouTube

  • watch the video (or if you’ve already watched it, just leave it running so it looks like you have!)
  • like the video on YouTube
  • add any (encouraging!) comment below the YouTube video

YOUR REWARD – you choose

First and foremost, you will have my gratitude for helping make the World Record Event successful, and you can choose any other reward:

  • If you want to do the USCM, you get an extra £500 off the discounted price.
  • If you introduce anyone who books onto the USCM, then you get a £100 reward for each person who books.
  • If you introduce *five people who book onto the USCM, then you can do the USCM absolutely free. (Remember there are only 12 VIP places and it is on a first come first served basis).
  • One free therapy or coaching session with me (plus the initial consultation is free so you get 2 hours).

If you run a business, you can:

  • have an advert in our magazine that is being produced for the World Record Event
  • have a 2 hour free business coaching session with me (to get an idea of the quality of my work see: OPAL clients
  • So, why am I asking you?

    The Business World has changed so much since I first set up my business. It used to be word of mouth and google adwords to promote new business. Now, it’s all about affiliate marketing and social media. There is a plethora of people willing to promote my website / facebook page / YouTube video for $5. The negative points are that there is no real way of knowing how reputable these people are, most are based outside of the UK (I do believe in supporting the economy in which you live and it means their audience is not relevant). Oh and of course, my social media skills are far from being a strength!
    So, if I am going to be rewarding individual people for connecting people to my business, then I want to reward the people I can trust: my family, my trusted friends, my existing clients, and those people who are recommended to me as trustworthy from you.

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    Preview YouTube video Ultimate Success Coaching & Mentoring Programme (USCM)

    Ultimate Success Coaching & Mentoring Programme (USCM)