Success Mentor

for achieving exceptional results
Ideal for those who already are, or are ready to become an entrepreneur, or take themselves and their business to it’s full potential at an accelerated rate with a success mentor whilst ensuring a strategy for healthy balance is adopted and maintained for a significant transformation in lifestyle.

Whilst working with your success mentor is flexible and unique, your mentoring will include:

  • A full personal & business analysis and possibilities evaluation.
  • A full three hour face-to-face intensive success mentor session to eliminate any negative limitations, unproductive states or ineffective strategies.
  • A face-to-face two hour session to explore and define your purpose.
  • Designing and development of your business plan.
  • Psychometric test and SWOT analysis followed by strategic action plan.
  • Identifying potential customers and suppliers.
  • Exploring branding, marketing, and advertising.

Success Mentor packages are always designed for the individual taking into consideration the purpose, the attitude, your commitment levels, your individual needs, and are strictly by application.

When you are ready to take your success to a new level, working with a recognised expert success mentor makes a significant difference. The focus is on you. Everything about you. Your limitations, your abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses, your adorations and your abomination. Your success mentor will show you how to turn any negatives around and how to capitalise on your positives that you are already aware of plus help you to discover your hidden gems.

22 years of experience working as a success mentor means Michelle Rhodes is world class at taking you from whatever stage you are at and guiding you onto you path of optimum success. Michelle identifies core strengths that make a real difference to your success.

If you want to create an extraordinary life in 2018, this is THE opportunity for you.