NLP Coaching for Groups

Group coaching can be designed for companies, peers, business partners, fellow students, or colleagues. Ideal for those with similar goals and objectives, or at the same stage of learning and development who may benefit from each others insights, experiences and developmental learnings.

Defining individual and group goals, sharing and developing resources, and working together to design a clear strategy for achievement that will be shaped and further inspired by your coach.

Acknowledged as a winning intervention for all involved, our professional coaching increases resourcefulness and gets undeniable results.

Each individual has their own initial analysis and evaluation of their potential, before we design a coaching strategy for you and your group.

The current business and economic climates are creating new opportunities for developing resourcefulness and methods to resolve challenges. The world is continuing to change rapidly and so is our coaching to ensure we stay at the leading edge so that you can too.

Drawing on a vast range of techniques and methodologies all developed and fine-tuned over 21 years by Michelle Rhodes into ‘The Resource Coaching Model’ to maximise effectiveness, achievability and accountability.

If you want to create an extraordinary life ready for 2017, this is THE opportunity for you.