We’ve had a lot of requests for a condensed version of the Diamond Elite Lifetime Membership so here it is:
Emerald Elite 5 year Membership Membership

Michelle Rhodes

We have our first 18 delegates on the Diamond Elite Lifetime Membership. For those who didn’t receive your invitation, we have extended the tier 1 price. Click the button to view it:

To celebrate our 21st year, you are personally invited to join our Emerald Elite 5 year Membership as part of the continuance of our 2013 Triple Launch. The three elements are:

  • Emerald Elite Coaching & Mentoring Package.
  • 5 year Membership to our Brand New OPALMINE website, our impressive ‘goldmine of resources’.
  • OPAL NLP Refresher Day and OPAL NLP Demonstration Filming Day.

As this will run alongside our Diamond package, we can only offer the Emerald packages to 18 OPAL delegates and have created a launch price that also gives incredible value.

Once we have 18 of the 5 year members, 5 year membership will cease to be an option.

If you want to create an extraordinary life for 2015, and are unable to commit to the Diamond package, then the Emerald Elite 5 year Membership is THE opportunity for you.

Coaching & Mentoring

The Emerald Elite Packages, designed for optimum achievement of an extraordinarily successful and balanced life, is a unique and exciting hybrid of our coaching packages combined with a series of face-to-face intensive transformational training days.

Designed for total empowerment by eliminating limitations, discovering your ‘beyond usual expectation’ possibilities, and achieving your absolute best outcomes across the areas of your life that you wish to improve and excel in. Capitalising on your personality preferences, Michelle will personally design your unique coaching strategy, selecting the best coaching and mentoring methods for you.

Drawing on a vast range of advanced methods and techniques carefully selected to maximise your motivation.

Our Emerald-10 Elite & Emerald-6 Elite Coaching Packages (3 months*) include:

  • Combined Empowerment Coaching & Life Mastery Day with Michelle Rhodes (Emerald Group only).
  • Wealth Creation Day with Michelle Rhodes and one of our three financial experts (Emerald Group only).
  • OPAL NLP Refresher Day.
  • OPAL NLP Demonstration Filming Day.
  • Elite 5 year Membership to our OPALMINE website,our Brand New & Impressive ‘goldmine of resources & information’ being launched November 2013 (Emerald Group only).
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire.
  • Condensed Personal &; Business/Professional analysis.
  • Your Possibilities evaluation.
  • Psychometric test and report.
  • Your unique Coaching Strategy designed by Michelle Rhodes to enable you to achieve outstanding results.
  • One hour weekly Private Coaching call (Emerald-10 = 10 hours, Emerald-6 = 6 hours).
  • Email coaching access once weekly for the 3 month* coaching duration.
  • Three times access to Michelle’s one-hour teleconference / webinar Mastery Class.

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One-to-one Coaching for entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, self-employed and employed professionals:

  • Imagine working directly with Michelle, partly on a one-to-one basis and partly with a group of like minded Elite Members, all the while having your individual success, your personality preferences, and a balanced and healthy method of achieving at the core of your coaching and mentoring.
  • Imagine gaining remarkable in-depth insights and having access to the latest tools and techniques directly with Michelle to ensure you achieve the results you desire and take your understanding of using NLP for achievement to greater levels.
  • Imagine having the confidence in knowing you have Michelle’s personal dedication and commitment of her exceptional motivation skills to ensure you remain focussed on, and enjoy the experience of, achieving your outcomes.

*Your personal coaching sessions may be spread out over 6 months. Emerald-10 has 10 coaching emails and Emerald-6 has 6 coaching emails.

OPALMINE Membership

This is your exclusive invitation directly from Michelle to only 18 OPAL NLP certified Practitioners & Master Practitioners, and OPAL certified coaches, to have 5 year Membership to our brand new impressive, exciting, interactive membership site that gives you a wealth of knowledge, expertise, demonstrations, links, (the list goes on) and includes areas on:

  • NLP techniques – including video demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, technique selection guides, & flexibility within techniques
  • Case Studies
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Business Development
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Wealth
  • NLP for Health

After the 18 initial 5 year members, the OPALMINE site will only be offered to other members on an annually renewable basis as, over the years, it will develop even further with input from additional experts so this Lifetime offer for Emerald Elite Membership really is invaluable.

This innovative and wonderfully ‘user friendly’ member site is a vast centre of resources and information, containing expert knowledge from a team of experts.

The idea of the OPALMINE resource website has been brewing and has been researched for a number of years. The idea for the lifetime membership came from a member site (in another field) that Michelle was invited to join several years ago. The initial 12 members of that site continue to celebrate the amazing value and insights we gained within the first workshop, let alone over the subsequent years, and the OPALMINE website contains significantly more expert information.

NLP Refresher & Filming Days

Two fast paced days reviewing the main concepts of NLP and the main techniques covered in the OPAL Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification trainings.

Michelle will present Live Demonstrations of all the main Practitioner and Master Practitioner NLP techniques which will be filmed and edited for audio-visual production. The filming is the final stage for the completion of our latest home study material which you will also receive a complete copy of.

Volunteering for techniques

If you would like to volunteer to be the ‘client’ for any of the NLP techniques, you can register your interest with OPAL as soon as you apply for membership. To ensure the Refresher and Filming Days make best use of time, your presenting problem will be assessed and qualified by Michelle beforehand so that the most appropriate technique is selected for you, to enable us to cover all the techniques in one day of filming. Your consent will be obtained prior to filming.

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