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Michelle Rhodes in the news

Michelle Rhodes in the news

Michelle Rhodes primarily coaches people to set up businesses that they love, with focus on purpose, and to maximise their freedom & profitability. Having coached many client’s in increasing profitability with their existing Amazon businesses, Michelle then completed several complete Amazon business set-ups for clients who had funds to invest but lacked the knowledge, expertise and time to create a new business.

Ordinarily, this service is provided in conjunction with the OPAL Black Coaching package and is now offered as a stand alone for those who want a complete business set up rather than training and / or coaching.

Motivational Quotes: " Vision without execution is just an hallucination." - Henry Ford

Amazon Business Set-Up is offered at three levels and can also be offered as a bespoke package to those who want a service tailored to their specific needs that fall outside of these options.

Whether you choose to work with Michelle on Option 1 – Complete Amazon Business Set-Up or Option 2 – Extreme Amazon Coaching or Option 3 – Amazon Profit Booster you can experience remarkable business transformations that will bring you a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Amazon Business Setup

Option 1

Complete Amazon Business Set-Up

Michelle will set up your entire Amazon business for you and deliver a fully operational, revenue generating business.
A 45 minute initial consultation is carried out to determine the right business sector for you or you can even hand the selection over to Michelle completely if you prefer to have no involvement.

Option 2

Extreme Amazon Coaching Package

(6 – 12 weeks*) includes:

    • For those who have done Amazon training and now require coaching to implement the entire business set up, hand holding throughout, and guiding on any problem areas / adding definition for clarity. With this option, you will be coached on the entire process as you carry out the set up.

*6 – 12 weeks timescale refers to coaching time. Amazon processes can take longer in certain circumstances in which case, the coaching is extended to meet Amazon’s timings at no extra cost unless this is due to you making additional changes that are outside of our agreement.

Option 3

Amazon Profit Booster

For those who have already set up an Amazon business and now requiring coaching to improve sales, marketing, revenue and profit.

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Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Bespoke
Complete Set-Up Extreme Coaching Profit Booster Bespoke
45 minute Initial Consultation
Value £37,500.00 + VAT (£45,000.00) £19,000.00 + VAT (£22,800.00) £4,950.00 Variable
Package price £25,000.00 + VAT (£30,000.00) £14,250.00 + VAT (£17,100.00) £3,750.00 Variable
Book Here By arrangement

“Tired of corporate life and wanting to retire early, I chose the complete set-up of my Amazon business and was stunned at what I got. I am now retired and whilst I could run the business, I let Michelle Rhodes do that for me as it is a tiny investment in relation to the profit I now get every month. I AM living the dream, thanks to Michelle Rhodes expertise.”

- Chris Dean

“The best quality, most professional training you could possibly want – and this comment is from a total perfectionist!”

- Bernie Forde

“Absolutely Fantastic, great exercises, lovely people. This is Life Changing. I wasn’t sure what it was going to do once I got here and now I’ve booked the next one!”

- Wendy Makepeace-Browne

“Michelle Rhodes is truly amazing. I’ve been on hundreds of training courses and even seen some of the alleged ‘gurus’ of NLP and Michelle is mountains above them all!”

- Matthew Reed

“Thank you Michelle, for giving me a new perspective in life. Life changing concepts and learnings. Very Good structure to the course. Enlightening.”

- Simon Millington

“Wow! I knew it would be good – and I’m leaving with HUGE emotions, learnings, discoveries and experiences, love and laughter! Very Professional, thought out content, supportive, knowledgeable and expert. If you want to open up your life and give yourself a treat – meet Michelle Rhodes.”

- Jo Holloway