“Excellent doesn’t really do it justice! Well structured for learning – excellent balance between theory and practice. Michelle Rhodes is an excellent role model. As an excellent trainer, Michelle epitomises the essence of NLP and what it can do for people”

– Ben Houghton

“I’m lost for words! A truly liberating experience. Michelle Rhodes is not only top class at NLP, she is a fantastic trainer who absolutely wants you to succeed”

– Elaine Sinclair

“Very impressed. I thought Michelle Rhodes was exceptional – ‘delivered by being’. Insights on this course were of paradigm shift status. If you want to take your personal and business life to a new level whilst powerfully impacting those close to you, go to OPAL.”

– Matt Turnbull

“Absolutely the best training I have ever undertaken both personally and professionally. OPAL NLP Practitioner training with Michelle Rhodes will change your life! Thank you Michelle for a transformational week. One of the best weeks of my life.”
– Joanna Frankham
“The training was exceptional, really exceptional – materials, delivery, after care – exceptional. Michelle Rhodes is the best trainer I have ever experienced and I’ve experienced lots and lots!”

– Annie May

“I feel confident to go out and put my learnings into practice, particularly having cleared up so much ‘stuff’! An excellent toolkit to use in my coaching and training. Michelle Rhodes is the best trainer I have experienced I’ll be back!”

– Lucy Kidd

“WOW! Absolutely Fabulous. A truly deep emotional and transformational experience in the most wonderful, safe and highly professional environment with Michelle Rhodes – an excellent trainer”

– Colette Savage

“A truly, truly life changing experience and a deep heart felt thank you to Michelle Rhodes from me and my unconscious! To have found that I possess the power and have all along to seriously make a difference!”

– Chris Wakeman

“Excellent, Amazing, Great, Life-Changing!”

– Ralph Gray

“OPAL NLP Practitioner training changes your life and your perspective on everything around you. Use it or not, you’ll never be quite the same, but better for sure.”

– Alistair Menzies-Anderson

“I came with an open mind and left with a content one. Everybody should experience this!”

– Tony Denton

“I used to run at half speed, half the time. Now I’m firing on all cylinders”

– Mark Goodwin

“WOW!! Excellent training methods – Michelle Rhodes was efficient, knowledgeable and professional whilst maintaining informality. Michelle Rhodes has the most amazing presence and is incredibly inspiring.”

– Sara Jerrett

“Michelle Rhodes will take you on the most amazing journey of your life….so far!”

– Daryll Scott

“Brilliant! Really inspirational. Life changing and loads of fun at the same time. OPAL training is truly extraordinary. Michelle Rhodes’s style is superb. If you want a truly life changing experience, this course is for you. Wonderful – Many thanks”

– Miriam McCallum

“FANTASTIC 7 DAYS. FANTASTIC SUBJECT. FANTASTIC TRAINER. A truly inspiring subject and a truly inspiring trainer. Thank you Michelle. This was far, far better than my expectations – and my expectations were HIGH!”

– Mel Smith

“It was the most empowering training I’ve ever taken.”

– Campbell McArthur

“Life Changing. Very well prepared sessions. Great Ambience, with flexibility. I have total confidence in recommending this OPAL course. The built in flexibility makes it possible for ANYONE who want to learn.”

– Roger Macdivitt

“Well structured, took on the learnings easily. Relaxed, refreshing to any other course I have ever attended, left feeling AMAZING! Michelle Rhodes will give you the tools to change your world!”

– Jo McInnes

“I highly recommend this course – You will find this OPAL course will change your life”

– David Innes

“Always know I will be learning exciting things after each break. Practical exercises on linguistics really helped them sink in.”

– Ian Duffett

“Excellent. Doing an intense course helped me to integrate the leanings easily, it was a supportive environment that gave me the confidence to experiment and take risks.” “I implore you to attend – leave as someone else!”

– Ian Fuller

“DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT! Learned more in a week than I could ever have imagined”

– Jim Stubbs

“You made a promise to me in your literature that this training would change my life. You kept that promise in more ways than I could possibly believe.”

– Stephen Jenkins

“One thing that is undeniable is that your life will be different in just 7 days!”

– Rob Burr

“OPAL NLP training course will give you more benefits than you can imagine – in every area of your life. Really enjoyable and transformational week”

– Craig Killick

“Excellent training at the right pace throughout. Response to queries was great. Long days handled well. Amazing. Fantastic experience – I would recommend OPAL NLP Practitioner to anyone. It has been one of the best weeks ever and have drastically improved communication, confidence and rapport skills.”

– Dave Laramy

“Excellent. A wonderful experience. I have enjoyed it all and would thoroughly recommend OPAL NLP Practitioner training to anyone. The trainer Michelle Rhodes and her assistants were all wonderful!”

– Louise Campbell

“What an amazing, enlightening experience. It’s all been absolutely brilliant. 7 days have gone so quick! This OPAL course has far exceeded my expectations and has opened so many doors for me. The opportunities are endless now. Thank you very much.”

– Jane Baggott

“Anyone who feels stuck in a rut in whatever aspect of their life should do Michelle’s NLP Practitioner course. It works! Michelle Rhodes is a very patient, tolerant and lovely lady.”

– Jo Potter

“Wow! I was gob-smacked at the start of day one of the OPAL NLP Practitioner training and have become more and more so as the week has progressed. Probably one of the most important weeks of my life.”

– Andy Pask

“Excellent – I feel like a changed person!”

– Claire Dobinson

“Absolutely Fantastic, great exercises, lovely people. This is Life Changing. I wasn’t sure what it was going to do once I got here and now I’ve booked the next one!”

– Wendy Makepeace-Browne

“Michelle Rhodes is truly amazing. I’ve been on hundreds of training courses and even seen some of the alleged ‘gurus’ of NLP and Michelle is mountains above them all!”

– Matthew Reed

“The best quality, most professional training you could possibly want – and this comment is from a total perfectionist!”

– Bernie Forde

“Thank you Michelle, for giving me a new perspective in life. Life changing concepts and learnings. Very Good structure to the course. Enlightening.”

– Simon Millington

“Wow! I knew it would be good – and I’m leaving with HUGE emotions, learnings, discoveries and experiences, love and laughter! Very Professional, thought out content, supportive, knowledgeable and expert. If you want to open up your life and give yourself a treat – meet Michelle Rhodes.”

– Jo Holloway

“Awesome. All I wanted it to be and more!”

– Phil Kingsland

“EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! Structured, safe, inspiring and life changing. This training was truly inspiring, extremely professional and delivered by Michelle Rhodes with so much expertise and enthusiasm that one could only be truly inspired and ready to change my life.”

– Gail Shepherd

“I feel confident to go out and put my learnings into practice, particularly having cleared up so much ‘stuff’! An excellent toolkit to use in my coaching and training. Michelle Rhodes is the best trainer I have experienced I’ll be back!

– Lucy Kidd

“OPAL training – should be made compulsory!”

– Giles Campbell