Michelle Rhodes, OPAL

– Managing Director, Lead Trainer, and Head of NLP training and development.
Michelle started her working life in the banking world until she left her career as a Money Market Dealer in the City and began studying personal excellence 23 years ago.

Motivational Quotes: "When you realise that you have the choice how to respond to people, situations, and circumstances... that is real power." - Michelle Rhodes, OPAL


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The Quest

Upon discovering and experiencing first-hand the incredible possibilities for transformation, as the most momentous stage of her personal quest, Michelle vowed to dedicate her working life to empowering tens of thousands of individuals to discover how to transform their lives, to achieve beyond expectation.

Now, 23 years later, the number of people Michelle is dedicated to empowering is in the hundreds of thousands and with the help of the digital age, well into the millions.

Whether you choose to transform your business or your personal life, you will begin an incredible journey of discovery utilising a combination of the most powerful tools and strategies available for achieving human excellence.

Michelle Rhodes, OPAL, delivers a variety of certified, bespoke and short training courses, intensive and extreme coaching packages, and inspirational speaking events, that enable individuals and businesses to make remarkable transformations in all areas of life.

Entrepreneurs, employers, employees, businesses, performers, elite athletes, celebrities, and individuals at all levels and from all walks of life are benefitting from remarkable transformations, discovering possibilities and achieving excellence by working with Michelle.


Michelle’s list of qualifications is extensive. As a Master Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine, Michelle’s certified courses are the absolute highest level. In addition to her formal qualifications, the benefit of training with Michelle is her vast experience in using all that she teaches with individuals, with businesses, and in her own life. Michelle totally walks the walk, as acknowledged by client testimonials:

“Michelle epitomises the essence of NLP and what it can do for people” – Ben Houghton

“Michelle is not only top class at NLP, she is a fantastic trainer who absolutely wants you to succeed” – Elaine Sinclair

“Michelle Rhodes was exceptional – ‘delivered by being’.” – Matt Turnbull
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As a fully certified professional coach, Michelle draws on a vast range of advanced methods and techniques, and 23 years experience of running her own businesses as well as coaching others to create and transform theirs. As an expert in individual personality preferences, Michelle designs unique coaching packages for maximum motivation. Having studied various coaching methodologies, Michelle developed her own ‘Resource Coaching Model’ in 2006 to capitalise on the best of the best methods combined with her wealth of experience in coaching others to excellence.


Michelle’s passion emanates from her the moment she steps on stage. At school, Michelle believed that with a big smile you could get away with anything (because she did!), the harsh reality hit when she had her first major life crisis. When asked how she got into NLP, Michelle responds:

“Finding hypnotherapy and NLP when I did, really was like a complete life-saver for me. I had no idea how I could get through the trauma I was experiencing.” – Michelle Rhodes

After her first experience of hypnotherapy and NLP, the impact was so great, she vowed to give the ‘empowerment’ to others. That started her insatiable thirst for books, training courses and qualifications.

Michelle’s studies and experience

Michelle started her psychology degree to take her understanding of human behaviour to a much deeper level. Whilst studying for her hypnotherapy, NLP and TimeLine certifications, Michelle started using the ‘individual differences’ (or personality preferences) that she was learning in psychology, especially for increasing motivation and productivity, and for talent management and acquisition within businesses.

Michelle became qualified in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy first and set up private practice as soon as she had her first certificate. She continued to reach the highest qualifications and undertook clinical supervision for years far beyond the qualification requirements because she was determined to be able to work with any problem presented. Michelle finally stopped clinical supervision when her supervisor told her there was absolutely nothing left he could teach her as she was working beyond his own experience!

Michelle was seeing over 25 clients per week in her private practice and was continuing intermittently with her psychology degree, having already decided she would continue on to do a masters and a doctorate. At this time, she enlisted on all the NLP qualification courses possible. Michelle was so confident and determined that she had booked 17 delegates on the first OPAL Rapid NLP Practitioner certification training course when she was still just a delegate herself! This meant that Michelle had to successfully complete her Master Practitioner and Trainers training to be qualified to certify her delegates.

“That is NOT recommended!” she says. “I was definitely in a unique situation – partly because of my previous Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology, and all the other certificates I had, and partly because of experience I had from successfully working with such a large number of clients. All topped with the extended clinical supervision I’d undertaken. For me, as a delegate, the practitioner, master practitioner, and trainers training were more of a formalisation process for certification purposes rather than a learning one, although there were some additional topics that I did learn. And I was a certified trainer long before any of those courses, just not in NLP specifically.”

Once Michelle started running certified NLP courses, she continued to see clients in her private practice and with all her studies. A self professed learning sponge, Michelle admits that whilst many of the later qualifications were not a necessity, she does believe the combination of qualifications has kept her learnings fresh and has taken them to a much deeper level.

Speaking of her own studying, Michelle says:

“Certified trainings in a training room were easier for me in many respects. If you have a busy lifestyle, distance learning can be a challenge. There were more days that my children would wake up in the morning and find me asleep with my head on my laptop, sat at the kitchen table which was covered in index cards that I was using for summaries to prepare my assignments, than I made it upstairs. Also, I used to find it frustrating having to reference research when I felt some of my own case studies from my private practice or examples of raising my own children where better examples to support theories but both were quickly criticised by my masters tutors for going ‘wildly off script’.”

Michelle and her teams

Whilst most of the OPAL website refers solely to Michelle, this is due to her extensive success, experience and acknowledged expertise. Behind the scenes, contributing to OPAL are two teams. One is the operational side that take care of all the infrastructure and rarely get seen by anyone! The other team is what Michelle refers to as her A team – assistants, associates, assessors, advisers, and accountants. Ordinarily it’s only the first two, the assistants and associates who get seen on training courses or at speaking events.

All OPAL associates and assistant trainers are fully certified by Michelle Rhodes personally and have their own CPD (Continued Professional Development) plans to ensure their skills continue to be of the highest standard. This means that whether you are dealing with Michelle directly or one of her valued team members, you get a consistent congruent message and the highest standards.

Other qualifications

Other areas Michelle is certified in include:
CBT, Jungian therapy, Freudian therapy, Counselling, Reiki, Psychometrics, and Spiral Dynamics.